Our Team


Our History

Advanced Culinary was started 9 years ago by Troy Cargo after his successful departure from the Food Equipment Dealership side of the business.  He’d taken over a 37 year old dealership and had successfully run it for the past 13 years, before selling it to another larger dealership.

Troy saw the need for a highly focused Manufacture Representative group after being a customer of Reps for so many years.  The large scale rep groups of the day had lost focus on the fact that their job was to call on all dealers, schools, chains, consultants, and smaller restaurateurs!  They seemed to have become specialized and tended to focus only on one or segments of the market place.  In addition they had accumulated so many lines that they could not possible represent or know each one the way a Manufacture’s Representative should!

Hence the birth of Advanced Culinary, a small ambitious rep organization that would not forget what it really means to be a Manufactures Representative.  Advanced Culinary will never represent 20-30 different lines, we will focus on a select few and give them the utmost of service and attention.  Advanced Culinary will not specialize, neglect, or forget any portion of the food service industry.  Our focus will be to take 8-10 lines give them the attention, time, sales, quality of representation they deserve, and bring them to the entire customer base of Texas and Oklahoma.

Troy Cargo

Sales Manager for Oklahoma, and West Texas

Twenty five years in the Food Service E&S market. Six years as a Manufacturers Representative. Took sales from $900,000 to $4,500,000 per year upon taking control of Texas Hotel & Restaurant Equipment. Highly experienced in installation and project management with vast knowledge of plumbing, electrical, refrigeration and fabrication. Accomplished tremendous successes in Public School, Health Care and Independent Dealers.

Advanced Culinary                                                                                 2008-Present

  • Sales Management position for Rational USA, Irinox, WA Brown Walk-ins, Blendtec, Belleco, EmberGlo, and a few others.
  • Managed the largest Roll out Rational ever had with HEB Grocery Stores.
  • Managed the largest School Roll out Rational ever had with Plano ISD.
  • Managed the largest School Roll out Irinox ever had with Beaumont ISD.
  •  Increased sales for Blendtec by 75%.
  • Increased sales for Irinox by 50%.

Texas Hotel & Restaurant Equipment                                1985-1990     1995 -2008

  • Took sales from $900,000 per year to over 4,500,000 in 5 years.
  • Increased customer base from 121 clients to over 500.
  • Managed Sales, Service, Installations and Inventory crews.
  • Sales managed 7 sales people, 10 man installation crew, 6 man service department and 3 person accounting team.
  • Computerized a completely manually managed company. Including Bookkeeping and Accounting, Email and Electronic calendar service, ERP systems to manage delivery and installations, Wiki of informational intelligence and WWW presence.

Arbor Health Reps                                                                                        1991-1995

  • Managed South and Central Texas for a Medical E&S Manufacturers Rep Firm
  •  Over 200 accounts
  • Increased sales by 300% over 4 years.
  • Secured 14 independent hospital chain contracts.

Zach Munn

Advanced Culinary                                                                                  2011-Present

Sales Manager for Austin and San Antonio

Twenty years as a Manufactures Representative with expertise in North Texas Chain, Consultant, Dealer, and School Food Service markets.  Is a consistent top performer with a record of achieving results, generating revenue, exceeding sales quotas, and delivering exceptional customer service.  Strengths include collaborating with the Manufactures to achieve sales goals, fulfilling customer’s needs as well as a strong technical background in schematic review, installation details, electrical and plumbing, and the ability to demo all products sold.  Use of project management ideas and concepts for evaluating customer’s needs and setting specific, measurable goals that are realistic but challenging has resulted in a sustained growth of 5-20% for the North Texas territory over the last 10 years.

Equipment Preference Inc.                                                                           2010-2011

  • Training EPI staff on Munn Marketing Group manufactures.
  • Sales Management position in EPI for CounterCraft, Gaylord, Kairak, and Prime Equipment.  This included sales, quoting, and review of drawings, site measurements, and sales coordination with end user, dealer, and manufacture.  Created new job management, tracking and filing systems for all correspondence and needs on custom projects.  These systems saved E.P.I. over $300,000 in mistakes.
  • Finished Buy Out of Munn Marketing Group.

Munn Marketing Group                                                                                 1994-2010

  • Outside sales for 11 years.  Sales Manager over entire company for 5 years.
  • Last 5 years averaged 18% sales growth.
  • Coordinated sales calls on all customers as well as being the Sales Manager for the Texas and Oklahoma territory for the past 5 years.
  • Sales manager role also included the responsibility of covering the Austin, San Antonio, and Oklahoma territories periodically.
  • Successfully sold Munn Marketing Group to Equipment Preference Inc.

Chain Clients

  • 7-11 – coordinated the sale of $4 million dollars in holding systems equipment for new pizza and sandwich program with corporate chef’s over 2 year period.
  • Brinker – helped spec and manage 4 separate roll outs over 10 year period worth $5 million.
  • Cici’s Pizza – cooperatively redesigned buffet serving line for complete remodel of current units and redesign of new units offerings for $3 million in sales over 3 year period.
  • P.F. Chang’s/Pei Wei – worked with local dealer to get new equipment solutions implemented into stores for $2 million in sales over 5 year period.
  • Quik Trip – Rebranded sandwich display program with $2 million in sales and continuing.
  • Yum Brands – Designed and Specified over 14 new products over 8 year period with $10 million in sales.

 School Clients  

  • Established relationships with North Texas school districts.  Worked with both the School districts and Consultants to find cost effective solutions for their needs.
  • In the last 10 years averaged over 8 different manufactures products to be specified by either the school district or consultant for over 500+ product combinations going into the school cafeteria kitchens.

Terry Mathis

Advanced Culinary                                                                                  2013-Present

Sales Manager for Houston, Beaumont, and East Texas

Thirteen years as a Manufactures Representative with my primary focus on Consultant, Dealer, and School Food Service markets.  I have been a consistent performer with a record of achieving results, exceeding sales quotas, and delivering exceptional customer service.  My strengths include the ability to work directly with end users; educate them on complex and innovative products, have them test the products and oversee the implementation of the products.  I also consider my countless dealer, fabricator, and consultant relationships as one of my strengths.  The specifying and distribution networks in the Houston area has seen me “stand the test of time” and will readily rely on my expertise in the food service industry.

Equipment Preference Inc.                                                                           2010-2013

  • After the merger with Munn Marketing Group, I was retained and continued to provide excellent customer service for Southeast Texas.
  • While my primary focus was end users; my dealership responsibilities included:  Ace Mart, Ed Don, and Preferred Food Service Design.  I also handled the many smaller cash & carry dealers located throughout Southeast Texas.  I was able to initiate many dealer stocking programs with our manufacturers.
  • The end users I dealt with included:  the many ISDs in Southeast Texas, TDCJ, various hotels, convenience store chains, and many franchisees.
  • I helped design and implement serving line and dish room solutions in many school districts, business & industry, and hotel projects.

Munn Marketing Group                                                                                 2001-2010

  • I worked extensively with consultants and school districts to implement new and innovative food service products in the market.
  • My notable accomplishments include state wide specifications: Hatco AWD-12, Fresh Marx labeling systems, and Channel tray drying racks.
  • I developed and maintained great relationships with many of the regional chains in Southeast Texas.
  • These chains include:
    • Pappas Restaurants roll out with Channel racks and Ultrafryer fryers
    • Luby’s roll out with Ultrafryer fryers
    • Murphy’s Deli roll out with Moffat convection ovens
    • James Coney Island roll out with EmberGlo steamers
  • I was readily available for the many needs and concerns of the dealer community.  My dealer base included everyone from the large bid house to the small cash & carry.
  • By learning the unique ways each type of dealership conducts business, I was able to exceed their expectations many times over.

Davin Cox

Advanced Culinary                                                                                  2015-Present

Sales Manager for DFW Metroplex and East Texas

  • Davin has previous experience as a Manufacturers’ Representative with the Munn Marketing Group in the North and East Texas market segments.
  • He has Supply Chain Management experience as well, working with chain restaurants, both nationally and internationally while at Concept Services.
  • Davin also has a strong background working with CAD and Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that includes both AutoCAD and Revit.